NEET Prevention and Tracking

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Participation in Learning for 16 to 18 Year Olds

Buckinghamshire Council has a duty to encourage young people to continue learning. We aim to prevent young people from becoming not in employment, education or training (NEET). Schools have a key role to play in this. They help information flow between Buckinghamshire Council, students, parents and carers.

Information Sharing

We ask you to share information about Year 11s and older students.  Careers, Sixth Form and Data Leads and School Administrators may contribute to this. The legal basis for sharing information is the Education and Skills Act 2008. The School Privacy Notice you issue to new students and parents explains the process to them. 

Benefits to you and your students

Some of the benefits to sharing this information include: 

  • Helps to prevent your students from disengaging from learning after Year 11. 
  • Assists you in meeting your Gatsby Benchmark 3.
  • Helps support services to reach out to any student who becomes NEET. 

Calendar and resources

The key times you need to share information are: 

Schools must tell the Council if a student leaves year 12 or 13 before the end of their course.  You can do this by completing a ‘Post 16 School Students Leaving Courses’ form.

Please add the name of your school to the file name. Then ask your school administrator to return the form to us. They should use the secure AnyComms Plus website for this. The file type to choose is ‘Post 16 Leavers’.

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