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Welcome to ECT Induction with the Buckinghamshire Council Appropriate Body

All qualified teachers who are employed in a relevant school in England must, by law, have completed an induction period satisfactorily, subject to specified exceptions.

Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in teaching. It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue, with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the Teachers’ Standards. From September 2021, all Early Career Teacher (ECT) induction programmes must be underpinned by the Early Career Framework.

The programme should support the ECT in demonstrating that their performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory by the end of the induction period and equip them with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

The decision about whether an ECT’s performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory upon completion of induction should take into account the ECT’s work context and must be made on the basis of what can reasonably be expected of an ECT by the end of their induction period within the framework set out by the standards.

Judgements should reflect the expectation that ECTs have effectively consolidated their initial teacher training and demonstrated their ability to meet the Teachers’ Standards consistently over a sustained period in their practice.

The Buckinghamshire Council Appropriate Body has been developed by experienced school-based Induction Co-ordinators. The Induction Programme goes beyond the minimum statutory expectations to ensure the best possible start to the careers of our next generation of teachers.

Key Information Appropriate Body:

Buckinghamshire Council Teaching School Hub

Email:   Telephone: 01296 383838

Appropriate Body Lead: Katherine Wells

Appropriate Body Named Contact: Hazel David

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