Manual Handling of Objects Training

Manual Handling of Objects Training

Manual handling involves the lifting or moving of loads which could potentially cause injury to a person's back or to their muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. Whilst lifting is the most immediate action which comes to mind, manual handling also encompasses climbing with loads, pushing and pulling, pivoting. In fact, any action that is performed whilst handling an object that is heavy or awkward enough to place strain on the body

This course provides the necessary information and training for employees to understand more about the risks associated with manual handling, how to undergo a risk assessment and how to ensure appropriate control measures are put in place.

Suitable for - this course is suitable for all employees who regularly lift and handle loads

Refresher training required? - yes, every three years

Bespoke training available? - yes, this course can be run on request as a twilight or inset session for a group of staff

Course dates 2023/2024

Please click on the link below to book directly. Venue details can be found within the link.

This course is chargeable.

Voluntary Aided £100.00
Voluntary Controlled £100.00
Foundation £100.00
Maintained £100.00
Academy Package Customer £135.00
Academy External No Package £150.00

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