DBS checks for trainee or student teachers

DBS checks for trainee or student teachers

Where trainee teachers are fee-funded

it is the responsibility of an “Initial Teacher Training” (ITT) provider to carry out the necessary vetting checks, including an Enhanced DBS Check with Children’s Barred List. 

A provider such as an ITT should confirm in writing to schools that a non-salaried trainee’s Enhanced DBS Check (including a check of the Children’s Barred List) and all other relevant vetting checks have been completed and that the individual has been judged by the provider to be suitable to work with children.

Whilst there is no requirement for fee-funded trainees to be included on a school’s SCR unless they choose to, BC recommends schools include a non-salaried trainee teacher on a SCR and undertake the relevant ID check (i.e. confirming that a trainee is who the trainee says s/he is) and put those details on a SCR and then confirm on the SCR that all the other relevant checks have been completed by cross referencing to the letter / note obtained from the provider (“please see letter / note dated …..from (provider)”).  It is also recommended that a copy of the letter / note from the provider is retained in the local personal file for that particular trainee teacher.


Mr Grove is training at a university to become a teacher. As part of his course he is required to spend a 6-week placement at a school. He will be working at the school five days a week, and will be left unsupervised for a lot of the time.

  • Mr Grove will be working intensively and unsupervised therefore is in Regulated Activity, and an enhanced DBS Check with a Barred List Check is required.
  • As Mr Grove is carrying out this work as part of a university placement, it is his university’s responsibility to ensure that the above checks are obtained. The school should obtain written confirmation from Mr Grove’s university that all appropriate vetting and barring checks have been completed.


Where applicants for initial teacher training are salaried by the school,

The school must ensure that all necessary vetting checks are carried out.  Trainee teachers will be engaging in regulated activity so an Enhanced DBS Check with Children’s Barred List must be obtained by the school.

Details of the trainee teacher, including all checks undertaken, must be included on a school’s SCR.


Starting a work placement prior to receipt of DBS Clearance

Where a school allows an individual to start work in regulated activity before the DBS certificate is available, then they should ensure that the individual is appropriately supervised and that all other checks, including a separate barred list check, have been completed. 

Please refer to detailed information under ‘Risk Assessments’.


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