Curriculum KS 3 & 4

Curriculum and Resources Key Stages 3 & 4

There are a range of resources available to Buckinghamshire schools to support aspects of the PSHE curriculum, and sign posts to trusted services for children and families promoting the vital Public Health, Safeguarding and Equalities agendas. Part of providing good quality PHSE is to ensure young people know where to go to access support and enable them to support their own wellbeing and development both now and in the future. Please see links below.

Public Health in Schools (Schoolsweb)

Equalities (Schoolsweb)

The PSHE Curriculum

The DfE has introduced a new statutory curriculum for:

  • Relationships and Sex Education
  • Health Education 

These will be implemented by September 2020. Economic education is part of the non-statutory aspect of PSHE, however schools encouraged to provide this and are mandated to offer careers education and financial education for their pupils. 

Please see below recommended resources to use to support the PSHE curriculum. The linked resources are suggestions to support your PSHE curriculum.

It is for your school to decide whether these are appropriate to use with your pupils.


Relationships and sex education

The National Linking Network has a wide range of free resources that explores identity, belonging, diversity and equality and can be used for a wide range of lessons supporting the statutory relationships curriculum.

Secondary resources (via


This resource (6 lessons) covers a range of areas including Who am I ? Who are we? Where do we all live ?And how do we live together? The sessions explore similarities and difference and promotes respect and individuality.

Secondary identity pack (via

Respectful relationships including friendships

You may also wish to explore what happens when friendships are not respectful and address bullying issues as part of this aspect of the relationships curriculum.

As part of Public Health England’s Rise Above suite of lesson plans, this lesson addresses positive relationships.

Relationships (via campaignresources.phe)

Equaliteach have a section of downloadable resources to support the teaching of equality,

Online and media

Public Health's 'Rise Above' provides flexible lesson plans.

Online stress (via campaignresources.phe)

Bullying (via campaignresources.phe)

Body image (via campaignresources.phe)

There are also some videos available where young people and celebrities talk about body image. Do take a look round as there videos covering a wide range of topics that you can use in the classroom. Please ensure you watch them first to make sure they are appropriate for your students.

View the Rise Above youtube channel.

There are age appropriate video games on the 'Think You Know' website that could be used as a whole class activity and they cover arrange of issues to support children to be safe internet users.

Also on the Think U Know website is a page for professionals and a series of age appropriate videos to use in the classroom to support online safety.

Resources (via

Being safe

Disrespect Nobody is a resource aimed at 13 -18 year olds and contains guidance, lessons and activities. It is vital you read the guidance and select lessons that are age and context appropriate to your pupils. These materials also support ‘Respectful Relationships ‘and ‘Intimate Sexual relationships ‘

Disrespect nobody teaching resources preventing (via

The Knife Crime materials have been updated. Please see link below for specific KS3 and KS4 packs for teachers.

Home office knife free lesson plans (via

This free resource is PSHE Association quality assured. You will need to login in to download the pack which addresses the dangers of running away.

Schools and youth groups ( via

For members of the PSHE Association this lesson and activity pack is designed for KS3 and KS4 and addresses gangs, managing risks and staying safe

Gangs managing risks and staying safe lesson pack (via

This resource is written by the brother of David Haines and addresses many issues with regards to radicalisation and extremism. Providing a  unified and solution focused approach, both Christian and Muslim faiths join together to challenge and defeat terrorism.

Global acts of unity lesson_plan PDF, 22 pages, 0.4MB


Intimate and sexual relationships including sexual health

Sex education

There are a series of online guidance and resources for teaching a range of subjects including consent, contraception and positive intimate relationships. These are free , you will to need to set up a login to access these.

Brook Learn

The Buckinghamshire Sexual Health webpage  link below has details of resources and help lines for young people and includes a link to  Mimi on a Mission – Sex Ed  series from BBC i player. These clips may be useful to use with young people in the classroom. Please view these first to ensure they are suitable for your chosen year group.

 Teachers and school nurses (via sexualhealthbucks.nhs)


Please find a series of video clips which explore consent. These can be used in the classroom but please ensure you view them to ensure they are suitable for your chosen year group.

Consent (via sexualhealthbucks.nhs)

The Family Planning Association has gone into liquidation, however there are still a range of resources available to use. The link below gives a comprehensive list of free downloadable leaflets  covering contraception, STIs , pregnancy and reproduction.

Leaflet and booklet downloads (via

There is free training for secondary teachers who deliver sexual health education in schools. This is provided by The Terrance Higgins Trust .Please click on the link below to see what’s on offer.

Training session (via sexualhealthbucks.nhs)


Health education

Mental wellbeing

The PSHE Association have published updated a series of lesson plans and activities for KS3 & KS4 and teacher guidance. These are free resources; members of the PSHE Association get access to PowerPoint slides to support delivery in class.

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families  have produced lessons and assemblies along with guidance for teachers. The main webpage has a wealth of information.

The webpage below has lesson plans and assemblies to support young people to understand the link between physical and mental health.

Schools and youth groups (via

As part of a suite of 'Rise Above' lessons from Public Health England, this lesson looks at managing change and is suitable for KS4 pupils.

Dealing with change lesson plan pack

 This lesson from Public Health England's 'Rise Above' series looks at exam stress.

Exam stress

The  local Everlief Foundation has a series of videos dealing with stress and in particular exam stress aimed at 14-16 year olds.

View the Thinkerbud Exam Stress Help YouTube channel


Internet safety and harms

This resource is PSHE Association Approved and contains lesson plans and PowerPoints to support critical thinking for KS3 pupils

Trust me (via


Physical health and fitness

Healthy eating

British Nutrition Foundation

14 to 16 years (via

About food a fact of life (via

The NHS website has some good resources that can be used with pupils to learn about food choices, nutrition, and health.

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Risk Avert training for secondary schools is available to support secondary aged pupils. It aims to develop:

  • a measured understanding of risk taking
  • an understanding of the consequences of substance misuse

Please contact Aaron Bowles for further details.

As part of Public Health England's 'Rise Above' suite of lessons, the lessons below specifically address the reasons why smoking is not good for you and how to  resist peer pressure. The second link is a lesson on why people choose to drink and the effects of alcohol.

Smoking (via campaignresources.phe)

Alcohol (via campaignresources.phe)

The Red Cross have a free resource for teachers to educate young people about the dangers of alcohol and how to support someone who require first aid due to drinking. (14-19 year olds)

Alcohol and first aid (via

Drink Aware have resources for teachers to use in the classroom and are PSHE Association assured. Please see secondary resources below.

Drink aware for education (via

The Christopher Winter Project has a purchasable resource with lessons and materials. 'Confidence to deliver drug and alcohol education' for secondary schools (£120 +VAT) is PSHE Association assured (via

Mentor ADEPIS - a reputable and well known organisation has free resources to support drug and alcohol education at KS3 support drug and alcohol education at KS3.

Health prevention

Public Health England have produced a KS3 lesson pack which covers microorganisms, vaccines, antibiotics, spread of infections and prevention of infection.

e-Bug for Key Stage 3

This link takes you to the version for upper KS4 and is very science based.

e-Bug for young adults (KS4)

Basic first aid

St John's Ambulance have first aid lesson plans and teaching resources for teachers.

The Red Cross have free resources to teach secondary and post 16 students first aid.

Changing adolescent body

As part of Public Health England’s suite of lessons this addresses the emotional and physical aspects of puberty.

Puberty (via campaignresources)


Living in the wider world/ economic education

Climate change

It is important that young people understand how they can support looking after the planet.  Learning about global issues and supporting them to understand some of the information given in the media and from climate change organisations can be rather overwhelming.  The focus  needs to be on what they can do in everyday life to support better choices that are good for the environment and how to effect change.

Please see link below for both primary and secondary resources.

Climate change resources (via

The Earth Day web page is a USA based resource and has information on climate change and how young people can make changes in their everyday life . The video links are to YouTube and some are Ted Ed talks.

Climate education week (via

Young People's Trust for the environment have a series of lesson plans and information on the environment.

Campaign against climate change has lots of links to useful resources and information about climate change.

 Financial education

Whilst not a resource for teachers, this report shows what is going on nationally and shows how schools are trying to cover financial education.

Financial education in secondary schools in England (via

Young Enterprise has a selection of resources and a planning sheet to support the delivery of financial education.

There is a free downloadable financial education text book suitable for years 10 and 11 (published 2018).

This resource for teachers was produced by the Bank of England for secondary aged pupils and is PSHE Association quality assured.

EconoME (via

Lessons in safer lending and borrowing,11-19 years PDF, 84 pages, 11MB

Educators (via

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