Emergency response procedure

Emergency response procedure

An incident or emergency may include: school flooding / fire / pupils in vehicle crash / outbreak of infectious disease / incident involving emergency services on a school visit / death or serious injury / terrorism / incident likely to attract media attention

  1. School  makes  assessment and if escalation required activates its Emergency Plan (If a visit, Visit Leader speaks to School Emergency Contact for advice / support)
  2. If Council support required school calls the BC Resilience Team on 07738 501 318

  3. Incident management as per School Emergency Plan


  1. School alerts BC Duty Resilience Officer by calling 07738 501 318
  2. BC Resilience Officer takes details, Alerts LA Officer (from Duty Rota for w/e & school holidays)
    • BC Resilience Officer keeps Director Education /Deputy  informed (Also for a visit, Resilience Officer calls Outdoor Adviser 07890 395028 ) 
  3. LA Officer contacts caller and initial support provided (Uses check list) (If Visit Leader made call, LA Officer tells school (Visit info on Evolve)
    • LA support may include: Resilience Team / Social Care / Comms / Media Team / Ed Psychology / SEN / Outdoor Education Adviser / County Insurance / Safeguarding Team / Equalities Lead / Facilities Management / Public Health / Education & Advisory Service / Health & Safety Team / Adult Services / Legal Services / YOS
    • Contacts list held by BC Resilience Officer
  4. LA Officer continues as point of contact with school and LA teams to facilitate support  (If further support needed, activation of BC Emergency Plan)
  5. BC Emergency Plan activated

On resolution: BC Resilience Officer emails all concerned with any handover/follow up arrangements

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