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Curriculum and Resources Key Stages 1 & 2

There are a range of resources available to Buckinghamshire schools to support aspects of the PSHE curriculum, and sign posts to trusted services for children and families promoting the vital Public Health, Safeguarding and Equalities agendas. Please see links below.

As part of good quality PSHE provision it is important that children know where to access help both now and in the future. Please see links below.

Public Health in Schools (Schoolsweb)

BC Safeguarding page

BC Equalities webpage

The PSHE curriculum

The DfE has introduced a new statutory Relationships and Health Education curriculum to be implemented by September 2020. Sex Education at primary has not been mandated however it is recognised as good practice to provide this. Economic Education is part of the non-statutory aspect of PSHE, however schools are expected to offer this along with mandated careers and financial education.

Please see below recommended resources to use to support the PSHE curriculum. The linked resources are suggestions to support your PSHE curriculum. It is for your school to decide whether these are appropriate to use with your pupils.


Relationships education

The National linking Network has a wide range of free resources that explores identity, belonging, diversity and equality and can be used for a wide range of lessons supporting the statutory Relationships curriculum.

Families and people who help me, and caring friendships

There are some great books and stories to use in the classroom - the school linking network link above has a list of books to explore family and friendships. The old SEAL materials can be useful too.

SEAL resources

Respectful relationships

You may wish to explore what happens when friendships are not respectful and address bullying issues as part of this aspect of the relationships curriculum. The Anti Bullying Alliance provides packs for schools to support national Anti-Bullying week. Anti-Bullying Primary toolkit

Online relationships

There are lots of resources and guidance on the two web pages referenced below. It is important to ensure parents aware of guidance and where to go for help.

ParentZone  (See Resources for schools)

Childnet - Trust Me resources

Being safe

PANTS ( the underwear rule) is a well-used and trusted resource to teacher younger children about privacy and  supports  self-safeguarding  from  potential abuse.

NSPCC - Pants Resources

Sex education

Some purchased schemes have built in Sex education lessons. Please ensure you highlight these as part of your Sex Education offer. Some schools prefer to use a separate resource. The Christopher Winter Project is PSHE Association Quality Assured and used by several schools in Bucks. Please let me know if you would like to get in touch with a school using this.


Health education

Mental wellbeing

The PSHE Association have published updated a series of lesson plans and activities for KS1 & KS2 and teacher guidance. These are free resources; members of the PSHE Association get access to PowerPoint slides to support delivery in class. Mental Health guidance and lesson plans PSHE Association.

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families have produced a toolkit complete with lessons and assemblies mainly aimed at year 5 and 6. There is guidance for teachers. The main webpage has a wealth of information.  Anna Freud Mental Schools in Mind resources

Designed for primary school children, this webpage below has lesson plan and assemblies to support children to understand the link between physical and mental health Children’s mental health week resources

The Everlief Foundation  has a playlist of videos to explain stress aimed at 10 – 13 year olds

You can also access the old SEAL materials here, which cover a range of focused lessons with materials to support social and emotional wellbeing for Reception to Year 6 pupils Mentally Healthy Schools resources

This Rise Above - Public Health England lesson looks at change and transition to secondary school and is designed to be used for year 6 pupils. Please read the guidance first Rise Above transition to secondary

Internet safety and harms

This resource is PSHE Association Approved and contains lesson plans and PowerPoints to support critical thinking for upper KS2 pupils Childnet  Trust Me resources

Share Aware resources are designed for primary aged pupils and you will need to decide what age group to use them with based on the knowledge and context of your pupils. There are several lesson themes including addressing how advertising influences our choices and also deal s with advertising and body image. NSPCC share aware

Smartie the Penguin can be found on the ThinkUKnow website and is designed for pupils aged 3 – 7. Childnet  Smartie the Penguin

There is age appropriate video games on the Think You Know website that could be used as a whole class activity and they cover arrange of issues to support children to be safe internet users. ThinkUKnow

Also on the ThinkUKnow website is a page for professionals and a series of age appropriate videos to use in the classroom to support online safety. This resource is aimed at 4-7 year olds and covers pop ups and in app purchasing, inappropriate websites and cyberbullying 

ThinkUknow Jessie and friends

ThinkUKnow Teacher resources

Be Internet Legends is a free resource for KS2 pupils and covers all aspects of internet safety for 7 – 11 year olds. Parentzone be internet legends

The National Literacy Trust , Google and the PSHE Association have produced a series of lessons for KS2 to help develop pupils develop the critical thinking skills needed to thrive in a digital world. These lessons can be part of PSHE or incorporated into literacy plans. Newswise resources

Physical health and fitness

Please see below resources published by Public Health England and the NHS supporting physical activity to use in the classroom. There are lots of resources available so take the opportunity to look around the sites.

Public Health England being active resources

10 minute shake activities

change4life resources

The Primary Stars webpage is excellent for a wide range of cross curricula activities / health and fitness related lesson plans and activities. There is a specific PSHE section with materials aimed at Reception/KS 1 and KS2. You need to sign up for a free log in.

Primary Stars resources

Healthy eating

Resources published by Public Health England NHS supporting healthy snacking to use in the classroom. There are other resources available so take the opportunity to look around the sites.

Public Health England healthy eating resources

change4life resources

The British Nutrition Foundation

There are activities for reception, KS1 and KS2 which can be used in the classroom which focus on a healthy approach to food and daily routines.

food a fact of life webpage

food a fact of life 5-7 year old resources

food a fact of life 7-11 year old resources

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

'Confidence to deliver drug and alcohol education' for primary schools (£125 +VAT) is PSHE Association quality assured  and produced by The  Christopher Winter ProjectChristopher Winter resources  relationships and sex education

Mentor ADEPIS is a reputable and well known organisation has free resources to support drug and alcohol education. Please take a look around the site for KS2 materials and a wealth of information. Mentor Adepis resources for schools

Health prevention

Public Health England's e-Bug teaching resource has lessons on microorganisms, spread of infection, antibiotics, vaccinations and more. Junior section will take you to a page where the toolbar at the top gives access to separate KS1 and KS2 materials .e-bug resources

Drink Aware have resources for teachers to use in the classroom and are PSHE Association assured. drink aware resources - primary


Basic first aid

The Red Cross have a range of resources to support the teaching of first aid to primary aged pupils.

St John’s Ambulance has free resources for teachers.


Living in the wider world/ economic education

Climate change

It is important that children understand how they can support looking after the planet.  Learning about global issues and supporting children to understand some of the information given in the media and from climate change organisations can be rather overwhelming.  The focus for children needs to be on what they can do in everyday life to support better choices that are good for the environment.

Oxfam climate change challenge 7-11 year olds   WWF resources for schools

WWF Green Ambassadors

The Earth Day web page is a USA based resource which has information on climate change and how young people can make changes in their everyday life . The video links are to YouTube and some are Ted Ed talks .Earth Day climate change resources

Young People’s Trust for the environment had a series of lesson plans and information on the environment.Young People's trust for teachers

Campaign against climate change has lots of links to useful resources and information.Campaign climate change - resources


Financial education

The Young Enterprise webpage has resources for primary pupils. There is a free log in to the Teacher Hub. Young Enterprise teacher hub

The following webpages have free resources for primary schools and have been produced by financial institutions to support primary education

Lifesavers resources

Money safe lessons and  resources

Values - money and me resources  (quality assured by Pfeg)

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