Prevent duty

Prevent duty


Channel is a key part of the Government’s Prevent Strategy which aims to stop people from being drawn into terrorist-related activity.

Many organisations are subject to the Prevent Duty which requires them to ‘Have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.’

Violent extremism is a real threat to all communities. Violent extremists actively aim to damage community relations and create division. It is vital and a legal duty that we all work together to support those who are vulnerable in this way.

These websites provide more information:

Buckinghamshire County Council preventing extremism

Let's Talk About It; what is Prevent?

Online Prevent course (requires Flash)

Risk assessment

Prevent example risk assessment

This risk assessment has examples of possible content to guide you


Channel leaflet for professionals

This leaflet helps professionals to know what to look out for, and who to contact if they have concerns.

Prevent leaflet for parents and carers

The aim of this leaflet is to;

  • help parents and carers recognise possible signs of racialisation and extremism
  • advise on keeping children safe
  • offer guidance on how to respond to any concerns

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