Health and attendance

Health and attendance

Health and attendance help schools stay informed on statutory policy for absence in the workplace as well as how to assist employees who would benefit from professional or personal support.

Absence and leave

This section answers some of the most commonly asked questions related to longer-than-usual periods of absence, which range from parental leave to jury service, as well as a selection of related absence and leave forms.

Policy and toolkits

Related to assisting employees who have a lower-than-required attendance, there is a downloadable policy and toolkit on attendance as well as model letters outlining the process and occupational health and mental health guides for further information.

Working Flexibly

View the most recent guidance on working flexibly, application form, acceptance and rejection forms. 

 Occupational health

In partnership with TP Health, this guide helps outline how schools can register, what the service charges are and what services are available, including the employee assistance programme and downloadable resources and training sessions.

Employee Assistance Programme

The employee assistance programme is a 24-hour, 365-day support for employees facing personal or professional challenges at work. Additionally, there is a Workplace Wellbeing platform for managers and employees to utilise at any time. 

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