Annual Reviews

EHCP Annual Reviews

The Annual Review of an Education Health and Care plan (EHCP) is not only a meeting but a process by which the outcomes set out in the EHC Plan and the effectiveness of provision are reviewed alongside all other sections of the EHCP. 

EHCPs must be reviewed and the process completed by the local authority (LA) as a minimum within every 12 months. For pre-schoolers with EHCPs, this review must be within 6 months.

Please send the completed Record of Annual Review document, alongside all other relevant Annual Review documentation, within 2 weeks of the date of the Review meeting to your relevant area: – Wycombe – Chiltern and South Bucks – Aylesbury 

If this is not possible, please submit the Record of Annual Review and all other relevant Annual Review documentation through Any Comms, selecting ‘Bucks Office’. Please zip the paperwork when submitting, ensuring all documents are sent as a single file and labelled as follows:
Annual Review – CYP’s initials and student ID number in the subject line

Guidance and templates

Annual Review Guidance for settings and professionals

Annual Review Guidance for children and young people

Model agenda for an Annual Review meeting

Record of Annual Review

Annual Review Pupil View

Person-centred Review Guidance

Template letters

Template letter for Pre-annual review to parents (for schools to send out)

Template letter-email child or young person to an Annual Review (for schools to send out)

Template letter-email inviting support service(s) to an Annual Review (for schools to send out)

Health questionnaires

Parental Health Questionnaire for Annual Reviews

Young Person Health Questionnaire for Annual Reviews

Process for Schools to Complete a Request to Assess to Inform Annual Review

The following information outlines how schools can request Children and Young People’s (CYP) Therapies to Assess to Inform at Annual Review. You can request this when a child or young person’s EHCP does not have therapy provision, but you have identified new therapy needs.

  1. CYP has an EHCP with no therapy provision on the plan. New therapy needs have been identified.

  2. SENDCo discusses CYP’s new needs with a therapist (at School Advice Clinic). If a referral is needed the SENDCo completes a referral form.

  3. SENDCo emails with the subject line: "Request to Assess to Inform Annual Review". The SENDCo must also provide:

    1. the completed CYP Therapies Annual Review referral form

    2. most recent EHCP

  4. CYP Therapies triage the request. If there is not enough information it will not be possible to process the request.

  5. If CYP Therapies need further assessment, they will provide guidance. This will be in the format of an Annual Review report.

  6. SENDCo uses the CYP Therapy Annual Review report to inform proposed changes to the EHCP.

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