Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation

Governing Board Self-evaluation

A key question for all governing boards is whether they make the best possible contribution to the effectiveness of their school for the benefit of all pupils. We recommend that all governing boards evaluate themselves annually. This will enable the board to recognise their strengths and where they have made a difference, as well as identifying areas for development.  It will also help governors and school staff to check that governors are receiving the reports and information they need to carry out their strategic role.

Using a structured approach to self-evaluation will enable the board to reflect on their culture and practice, the effectiveness of their structures, their compliance with requirements, their fulfilment of core functions and their impact.

In 2022, an update to the 20 and 21 self-evaluation questions for was published by the NGA. (The original version, published in 2015, was developed by the NGA, The Key for School Governors and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Education Governance.) This structure reflects best practice for maintained schools and academies and is supported by guidance documentation. Alternative tools are also available, such as the Health Check on Governor Hub. There is no current requirement to submit governing board self evaluation documentation to the local authority.

Boards may also wish to consider undertaking a skills audit, determining strengths and development areas against the governor competency framework, and/or 360 reviews of individual governing board members alongside the annual governing board self evaluation.

NGA Self Evaluation Questions


External Reviews of Governance

External reviews of governance can be an informative tool to provide an objective evaluation of governing board performance, including strengths, development areas and impact. Where used, external reviews of governance should be undertaken by an experienced governance expert who is independent of the school and the board. There is no mandatory requirement for maintained schools to undertake external reviews of governance.

If your board is considering commissioning an External Review of Governance, email to see how we can support you.


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