Side by Side

Side by Side is the Buckinghamshire model for a local school improvement system.  It builds on the established, strong relationships across Buckinghamshire and enables all schools across the county, regardless of type, size or status, to work collaboratively to support county wide school improvement.  It recognises that it is this wider system that will deliver improvements and as such harnesses and utilises the experience, strengths and knowledge within our schools, with school leaders and practitioners.  The Local Authority’s role is one of a facilitator; identifying areas of strength and those which require development, building expertise capacity, empowering system leaders and enabling support.

The process for Side by Side is:

  • Working with the Local Authority, schools are empowered to identify areas of development that would support them on their continuing improvement journeys
  • Schools work collaboratively to share experience and learning, through both formalised and bespoke relationships
  • Where particular vulnerabilities exist, the local authority broker support by deploying ‘champions’ from within the Buckinghamshire family of schools to deliver significant improvements
  • Learning is shared for the benefit of all schools and settings across the county
  • The Side by Side Partnership team quality assure the work delivered and identify areas for further improvement.


Benefits for Deployment Schools

  • Developing evidence based school improvement skills
  • Staff development and motivation
  • Financial reimbursement for expertise

Benefits for Supported Schools

  • Peer to peer support; inclusive and supportive process
  • Supported by current practitioners who have tangible, evidence based experience
  • Improved outcomes for pupils

Benefits for Buckinghamshire

  • Building expertise within the county
  • Keeping the School Improvement and Monitoring Grant money within Buckinghamshire schools
  • Increased percentage of pupils in good and outstanding schools
  • A sustainable model for the future

Side by Side Strategy Document 2023-24

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