School Nursing Referrals

School Nursing Referrals

The School Nursing service is one important component of the support available to school-age children and their families, to promote health and emotional wellbeing in Buckinghamshire, as part of the Department of Health’s Healthy Child Programme.

Buckinghamshire Health Trust supports children and young people in Buckinghamshire schools with medical, social, emotional, or physical needs, to help each person achieve their potential. This helps them to get the most from life and education and become responsible for their own health. The team works in partnership with children and young people, their families, and other health and education professionals in schools, clinics, and family homes. They also work with colleagues in health, care, and education services across Buckinghamshire to help shape children’s services.

The ever increasing demand for the service means they must ensure they make the best possible use of their highly skilled specialist nursing teams. In order to do this, Buckinghamshire Health Trust have reviewed their referral requirements and kindly requests that all referrals are completed according to these criteria.  These allow the team to determine if they can offer the appropriate level of care and support for the child’s needs.

  1. The referral must be on an electronic e-referral form via School Nurse Service Referral Form - Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (
  2. Please include detailed information in each section of the referral. (NB. If further information is requested and they have not received this within 2 weeks of the request, the referral will be closed, and no further action will be taken)
  3. The child or young person must be over aged 4 years 6 months and attending a mainstream school in Buckinghamshire. (EHE/NEET will be communicated with separately)
  4. The child or young person cannot already be receiving similar care and support for the same reason from another service.
  5. The referral must demonstrate that self-help strategies have been consistently implemented and there has been little positive sustained change.
  6. There needs to be evidence that the parent/carer has completed a parenting programme and having implemented the strategies, there has been little positive sustained change.
  7. The referrer/parent/carer has only made a referral to School Nursing and not another specialist service to request an assessment for the same reason at the same time.
  8. Contact details are provided for the parent/carers/referrer.
  9. For all children who have a Social Worker, it is necessary to have a copy of the latest plan. If this is not available, it will delay the assessment and triage process. This must be sent securely to where it will be added to the child’s records for review.

Referrals can be made to the BHT School Nursing service for the following:

  • Being available to young people, parent/carers, and teaching staff to address any concerns about a child’s health 
  • Safeguarding Children and Review Health Assessments for Children Looked After.
  • Nocturnal Enuresis (night-time bed wetting) - GP referral only for over 7-year old.
  • Early support for children with emotional health and well-being needs e.g., sleep, behaviour
  • Early Toileting advice and support
  • Onward referral onto other agencies​ if currently working with the child (as required)
  • Relationships and Sex Education Training for Teachers with Bucks Council PSHE Lead for Primary Schools
  • Supporting children and young people who have specific medical needs and providing relevant training aligned to Bucks Council – Supporting Children in School with a medical condition.
  • The National Childhood Measurement Programme for children in Year R / 6 only – as scheduled
  • Vision Screening for children in Year R – as scheduled.

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