Serious Incident Actions

Serious Incident Action Card for group leader

This Action Card covers the following incident scenarios:

  • ‘Generic’ emergency procedures (coach crash, fire, bomb threats, terrorism);
  • Death or serious injury of a pupil/adult while on/at a school journey;
  • Outbreak of an infectious disease which will curtail the school journey.
  • Incident/emergency on a school trip including overseas;


  • Summon emergency services if appropriate;
  • Provide first aid / prevent further injury;
  • Account for all party members including staff;
  • Delegate a responsible adult to take care of uninjured members of the party;
  • Instruct no one to talk to media and secure inappropriate use of mobile phones, email and social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter etc);
  • In order that you can be contactable at all times and to enable you to lead and coordinate all necessary actions you should delegate party leadership to the Deputy Leader;

Keep a log using the Incident Record Sheet to note down:

  • Full and further details of the incident such as what has happened, the exact location of the emergency, and any casualties;
  • all actions taken and conversations held;
  • any decisions that have been made;

Contact the Buckinghamshire Council Duty Resilience Officer on 07738 501318 or +447738 501318 if abroad, and provide the following information:

  • your name;
  • the name of your school /party;
  • the nature of the emergency;
  • the complete telephone number which we can call you on (including national /area codes etc) and any other contact numbers that can be used.


  • You should not make any public statements about the incident without the prior agreement of the School and the Council.

Depending on the circumstances some or all of the following actions may be required:

  • Retain all equipment involved in an accident or incident in an unaltered condition - unless it is required by the police;
  • Begin to make appropriate arrangements for those not injured to return home immediately;
  • Arrange any support for the staff and injured in the hospital;
  • Obtain necessary documentation from the medical authorities e.g. death certificates, medical certificates indicating how the injured may travel home, and case histories including x-rays;
  • Retain receipts for all expenditures connected with the incident.

Incident Log (PDF Download)

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