Trauma webinars

Trauma webinars delivered by Louise Bomber

Louise Bomber is a Strategic Attachment Lead Teacher and Therapist. 

These three webinars are packed with practical strategies to reduce the trauma experienced by young people (and ourselves) during the current crisis and beyond.

Stage 1: Our Trauma Reduction Strategy

This webinar looks at what exactly trauma is and what we can do for ourselves and our pupils at this time to ensure we emerge well in our bodies and minds

Stage 2: Re-Entry to School


Stage 2 looks at how we transition back to school whilst accepting that this transition may activate the stress system in each of us.  It focus’ on what we can put in place to ensure we can settle to teach and for our pupils to settle to learn.

Stage 3: Reorientation

This looks at six key areas to help us stabilise ourselves and the pupils in our care during these challenging times.

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