Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments

If workers use display screen equipment (DSE) daily, as part of their normal work, continuously for an hour or more, employers must do a workstation assessment.

Employers should look at:

  • the whole workstation, including equipment, furniture, and work conditions
  • the job being done
  • any special requirements of a member of staff, for example, a user with a disability


Reducing the risks

Where there are risks, they should take steps to reduce them.

Employers must also do an assessment when:

  • a new workstation is set up
  • a new user starts work
  • a change is made to an existing workstation or the way it’s used
  • users complain of pain or discomfort

Employers are required to ensure all DSE users are trained and have completed a risk assessment.

Please follow policy 6.1 Display Screen Equipment for further information.

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