Asthma inhaler kit

Emergency asthma inhaler kits


Schools should consider keeping more than one emergency asthma kit, especially if covering more than one site, to ensure that all children within the school environment are close to a kit.

They must not be locked away in a cupboard or an office where access is restricted.

Where to purchase

You can purchase inhaler kits online or via a local pharmacy. 

Pharmacists will need a request signed by the principal or headteacher (ideally on appropriately headed paper) stating:

  • the name of the school for which the product is required
  • the purpose for which that product is required, and the total quantity required

What the kit should include

An emergency asthma inhaler kit should include:

  • a salbutamol metered dose inhaler
  • at least two single-use plastic spacers compatible with the inhaler
  • instructions on using the inhaler and spacer/plastic chamber
  • instructions on cleaning and storing the inhaler
  • manufacturer’s information
  • a checklist of inhalers, identified by their batch number and expiry date, with monthly checks recorded
  • a note of the arrangements for replacing the inhaler and spacers a list of children permitted to use the emergency inhaler, as detailed in their individual healthcare plans
  • a record of administration (i.e. when the inhaler has been used

Please make sure:

  • emergency inhaler kits should be maintained on a monthly basis
  • holders should be washed after use to prevent cross contamination
  • if there is a risk of contamination with blood, if inhaler has been used without a spacer, then it should not be re-used

School form templates

Medical form templates have been created as an aid to schools, their use is entirely voluntary.

  • Template L should be completed by parents to consent for the use for the emergency inhaler
  • Template M should be used by the school to inform parents a dose has been given

Medical form templates .DOC, 3.6KB, 26 pages


Asthma inhalers

Since 1st October 2014 UK schools have been allowed to purchase a salbutamol inhaler without a prescription for use in emergencies when a child with asthma cannot access their own inhaler.

See the guidance for schools in England on using emergency inhalers.

When purchasing an inhaler, please make sure:

  • spare reliever inhalers can be purchased from Pharmacists
  • inhalers should only be given to pupils already diagnosed with asthma whose reliever is not in school or runs out
  • spare spacers should be purchased where necessary


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