Supporting children with attachment difficulties

Supporting children with attachment difficulties

This training is delivered by a specialist clinician (Clinical Psychologist) from the Looked After and Adopted children’s team in CAMHS (although this training is relevant for all children or young people who have experienced disrupted attachment for any reason) and gives an overview of attachment theory and the importance of early intervention and mentalization as a way of moving towards attachment security and improving relationships for these young people.


  • Gain an understanding of attachment theory and its importance in child development.
  • Identify the various manifestations of insecure attachment styles and how these may present.
  • Consider what support schools can provide to children and young people who have attachment difficulties.


Dr Emily Goodwin (CAMHs)

Who should book on:

  • Head Teachers
  • Designated Safeguarding Leads
  • Designated Teachers
  • Pastoral Lead
  • Mental Health First Aider


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