Schools Linking Network (2)

Schools Linking Network (2)

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The Schools Linking Network supports schools and communities to develop a positive, cohesive ethos by helping children, young people and adults to explore identity, celebrate diversity, champion equality and promote community.

On these pages, you will find resources and presentations that you can download.

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Linking in Our Schools

Thank you to the schools that have sent through examples of some of the school linking work that took place this year, we love to see what you have been doing and to share this good practice.

Holmer Green Junior School and Kingswood School

Classes shared 'hello' messages to each other of things they liked to do: 

Holmer Green to Kingswood messages     messages

North Marston and Greenridge Academy

treeAt North Marston School the children organised a bake sale on Friday 17th June in the  SLN celebration week. They also had a class assembly where the children will be explaining to their parents, and the rest of the school, what they had been doing in their SLN sessions this year. They raised money to have trees planted. This got the interest of one of the local farmers who has tree and hedge planting targets of his own and he offered to speak to the school about this.


Quotes from the children

“It’s like saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. It’s the same with people, don’t judge a person by their outside because it’s more about their inside so you have to talk to them to get to know them” Poppy Y3

“It’s important to think about how you speak to people. Right Speech and Right Actions are important” Anum Y4

“Social action requires that you don’t just say you care, but that you do something about it.” Ariana Y4

Quote from Helen Giggins, Linking Teacher

The children in my class have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about their linking partners and have a clear understanding of the importance of not judging people and that getting to know people through discussion and sharing thoughts and ideas promotes equality and friendship. They have been so excited this year to have regular video calls with our link class so we can all get to know each other better.

They have really taken the social action part of our linking to heart and have organised activities to raise money to plant trees. They feel ‘just caring’ is not enough and that they must speak their minds about issues which concern them and ‘do something about it’ too. Their activities have caught the attention of a local farmer who is keen to be involved in their tree planting as he has plans to plant trees and hedges within our local environment.

We are looking forward to our fundraising bake sale!

Grendon Underwood Combined School and Ley Hill School

The year 5 teacher at Grendon Underwood, had this to say: 

"We really enjoyed our School Linking project this year and are very excited if it runs again. We linked our Year 5 Class in Grendon Underwood with a Year 5 class in Ley Hill. The children enjoyed learning about different children who were similar but also very different. 

We didn’t get to meet physically with the school but took part with all of the virtual linking opportunities. This allowed the children to actually see children and interact with them. And also another class teacher! We had a change of teachers on our end which meant that the project went quiet for a little bit but it managed to get up and running again with the Headteacher who stepped in as class teacher. The children helped support our local church as part of their social action.

We found all of the resources very useful and informative/easy to follow. I took part in both CPD sessions and an extra one offered for leading SMSC. Unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures due to parental permissions on social media - but I got a lot from the project as did our children, and am grateful it ran this year. Next year we would be interested in linking one of our younger classes."

Jess Cort, Year 5 Linking teacher

Wingrave School and Broughton Junior School

Janet Lee at Wingrave sent us this this message:

"I have loved doing School Linking and to reaching out to another school.  I think the power of seeing them on screen and playing games with them, was superb.  But one cannot beat the face to face that could be achieved next year (hopefully). 

I would like to do it again with a Year 6 class, if possible.  I was paired with a Year 5 class and they were lovely.  

Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this year's Linking project.  I have loved the doing the 6 lessons my linking school and I participated in."

Janet Lee, Year 6 Linking Teacher

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