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Right Choice Right Move is an Erasmus+ project joining BCC, Yalova, Wycombe Youth Action and Bucks College Group, to develop the knowledge and skills of young people who are preparing to leave school, so that they can make sound career choices for the future.

Sound and informed career guidance preparing young people to work not only in their home country but also across Europe is vital. The project also aimed to engage disaffected young people and develop their ability to make informed decisions.

The professionals involved in the project developed a suite of lesson plans to be used in the classroom and a guidance document for teachers to go alongside the lessons which will be able to support young people looking at their future careers.

Throughout the project we aimed to develop the skills and confidence of teachers to deliver the support required by students when considering their next steps on their career or further education pathway.

The guidance provides a consistent method for teaching good career and guidance counselling through the development of a module of work that can be used anywhere. Included in the guidance are some Career case studies, which are a selection of trades enabling students to look at different career opportunities, and their educational paths in order to help make informed choices. It is very important that the decisions a student makes regarding his future are deliberate and purposeful, that the young person would understand that adaptation to the world of business and their emotional well-being depends on the right choice.

By learning about the education systems in each country, and by sharing the good practices in both regions, we were able to create a package of lesson plans, which not only covered different career paths but also took into account the skills and personalities of young people, their likes and dislikes.

Students in both countries were included in the discussions about what they believe in career guidance should focus on from their perspective and feed their views into planned interventions.

All of the guidance and resources are available to be shared with colleagues locally, nationally and at a European level via the website.

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