Multi-sensory Impairment Specialist Teachers

Multi-sensory Impairment Specialist Teachers

Part of the iSEND Service, the Multi-sensory Impairment Specialist (MSI) Team consists of a Specialist Teacher dedicated to fostering the educational growth and personal development of children and young people (CYP) with a multi-sensory Impairment.

MSI team support

The Multi-sensory Impairment Specialist Teacher supports children and young people (CYP) 0 to 25 years with or without Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) who meet the criteria according to the NatSIP Eligibility Frameworks.

Support from the Multi-sensory Impairment Teacher may include:

  • advocate for a CYP MSI needs
  • identification of provisions that meet the CYP MSI needs
  • understanding how a CYP will face challenges communicating with others, accessing information, and moving around their environment
  • supporting the CYP to make progress and get the most out of life
  • establishing the CYP voice
  • creating supportive learning environments
  • creating opportunities for CYP to interact with others.
  • providing guidance and support
  • collaborating with the multi-disciplinary team
  • coordinating professionals from across education, health, and social care
  • making referrals to, or carrying out specialist assessments
  • identifying each CYP's potential and barriers to learning
  • working directly with CYP to help them achieve their aspirations/goals
  • creating individual timetables and programmes of study
  • offering emotional support and practical guidance
  • delivering multi-sensory impairment training
  • raising awareness of Multi-sensory Impairment
  • contributing to annual reviews of a CYP’s EHCP
  • supporting with transitions including post 16
  • advising on appropriate equipment, materials, and resources to support access and inclusion
  • identifying strategies that enable independence
  • reporting on a CYP’s levels of engagement making recommendations and monitoring their progress

How to refer

Referrals need a formal diagnosis for hearing loss and vision impairment.

A CYP will qualify for support if they meet the criteria of the NatSIP Eligibility Frameworks. and are already entitled to support from:

  • the Hearing Support team
  • the Vision Impairment team

Referrals should be sent by email to

How to contact the team

Multi-sensory Impairment Specialist teacher

iSEND support line

  • 01296 382135

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