Side by Side conferences

Rationale for Side by Side Conferences

Analysis of Side by Side showed that schools across the county are facing common challenges and issues.  Building and sharing expertise in these key areas will be crucial to successfully increasing the number and percentage of good and outstanding schools in Buckinghamshire.

In prevention schools, the focus of Side by Side support is on collaborative initiatives in key areas, with the aim of producing evidence based action plans for schools to implement. This will be enhanced with the potential for one strand (up to 6 days) of SSLC or SSPC support to drive whole school improvements.

This allows for:

  • Greater school to school working
  • Cross fertilisation of ideas and learning
  • Collective responses to shared issues

Key information

  • Six collaborative conferences for prevention schools, one day every half term, will be held throughout each academic year
  • Each conference focuses on a key developmental area.
  • Whilst all schools are invited to the morning of presentations, the afternoon is for prevention schools only to work collaboratively with experts from across Buckinghamshire schools, developing workable plans to take back into their schools.
  • Buckinghamshire Council facilitate, but schools lead.

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