ICT Support Facilitator

ICT Support Facilitator

The role of the ICT Facilitator is to manage, coordinate and advise on the appropriate inclusion and access to the curriculum for children and young people (CYP) with Special Educational Needs (SEN) through ICT.

They provide specialist technical support to schools and early years settings and, where appropriate, to parents/carers and other involved agencies.

The ICT Facilitator works term time only.

Who does the facilitator work with

The ICT Facilitator works with CYP with or without an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) from early years up to the age of 25 if they are still in full-time education.

How to refer CYP

Referral is through the Integrated SEND Team, SENCO, Setting or other professionals, for example, therapists.

The ICT Assessment Request form should be sent by email to

What support does the facilitator provide

Support may include:

  • conducting specialist ICT assessments
  • preparation and distribution of reports
  • advising and assisting settings/schools in meeting their responsibilities in providing appropriate support and enabling curriculum access through ICT for CYP with SEN
  • co-ordinating and delivering training on specialist equipment and software for school staff, other professionals and parents
  • monitoring and reviewing the progress of CYP against agreed objectives and stated outcomes
  • providing recommendations and advice on the ordering of specialist equipment and software
  • setting up, installing and providing expert technical support for hardware and software following individual recommendations for iSEND pupils
  • monitoring of loan agreements
  • advising on the use and maintenance of specialist equipment
  • transporting specialist equipment at times of transition to a new setting
  • contributing to the Annual Review process, review meetings and multi-professional meetings

How to get in contact

Contact the ICT Team

Contact the ISEND Support Line

  • 01296 382135

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