Level 2 Additional Services: Family Support Service

Level 2 Additional Services: Family Support Service

Direct support for families and children


Our additional services offer short term, small group and, where needed, individual targeted support for parents and young people.

These services are accessible via our Request for Support form

The form can be completed by a young person, family member or a professional on their behalf. Please note that if a family are open to Social Care then it should be the allocated Social Worker who makes this request.

We currently offer a range of groups aimed at addressing the emerging needs of our communities.


Groups for parents

These groups cover a range of ages and themes, including:

  • nurture groups for 0 to 5 years supporting parents to be more confident, have a greater understanding of their children’s needs and communicate more effectively
  • supporting parents of teenagers to better understand them, building on relationships within the family, communication, negotiating, decision-making and strategies to reduce conflict
  • children aged from 18 months to 3 years where there is a concern around speech, language and communication development
  • workshops for parents based on identified needs. For example, financial guidance, supporting children with SEND and parenting strategies

Groups for young people

These groups offer support with:

  • confidence and self-esteem
  • positive relationships
  • stress, anxiety and low mood
  • transitions (from year 6 to 7)
  • engaging children and young people in service development. This includes specific groups for children with SEND or who are looked after

Direct work with families and children

Where required we can provide one-to-one support for 6 to 8 sessions on specific targeted outcomes. This includes youth work support for young people aged 11 (Year 7) up to 19 or 25 with SEND.

Direct support for schools and professionals


School Link Worker Support

All schools in the county have an allocated worker from the service. The School Link Worker is your single point of contact for advice and guidance where there are concerns for children, and queries about the best route of support.

They may identify support which they could offer to schools. This could include supporting targeted groups within the school setting, joint delivery of parenting programmes with schools or youth support.

Early Help Partnership Forum

The Early Help Partnership Forum coordinates a response when current support work with a family, child, or peer group is not resulting in positive change. 

A panel of professionals will talk through the situation, make suggestions and, where relevant, offer support and resource from their organisation.

The professional who raises the case should attend the virtual meeting and be part of the discussion.

For more information contact us via email

To request support for a family, child or group be discussed use the   Early Help Partnership Forum access form

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