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When working with families it is likely that they may begin to open up about their home life and that they would like support. They might not know what to do, what support they need or the support available to them.

Parents and carers don’t have the benefit of training in the same way as school staff. Therefore they may not know what they should expect in terms of their child’s development, or what they can do at home to best support them.

Children, young people and families may benefit from being guided on where to go for support. Schools are well placed to help them with this as part of the holistic approach to supporting Children and Young People’s needs.

Schools don’t have to know all the different services. There are some key places to discuss and share with families where help and support is available. This will enable families to identify what support they feel they need. Schools may also be able to help identify the support families might benefit from. They can also support by making referrals to help them access support.

There are a range of options to help consider what support may be best. This should mean families can access the support they need, at the earliest opportunity and in a way that is accessible to them.

This toolkit provides self-help options for people who can signpost parents and carers to appropriate support.

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