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If an appointed candidate does not have the Right to Work in UK, the school may be able to support with sponsorship if the position is eligible for a skilled worker visa via Buckinghamshire Council’s sponsorship licence. The need of sponsorship should be
highlighted at the interview process.
Before any offer of employment is made:
• The interviewing managers should consult with the Headteacher, Chair of Governors and Buckinghamshire Council.
• The eligibility needs to be assessed and CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) allocation must be confirmed by Buckinghamshire Council. 
• The sponsorship costs must be approved by the school’s management. 

The applicant must take the responsibility to apply for the visa and provide all the documents requested by the Home Office – UK Visa & Immigration, within the required timeframe. They also must have enough funds to cover all the visa related costs.  The visa process may take approximately 3 months, dependant on appointments’ availability and the applicant’s proactivity. The applicant must have the visa approved and provide evidence of this, before commencing employment. Subsequently, a contract of employment can be issued.

In particular circumstances, an applicant may be eligible to do the work in question whilst they are awaiting the visa decision, with an Employer Checking Service – PVN evidence 3C and 3D leave.




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