Education Entitlement Team

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The Education Entitlement Team comprises the following teams:

The County Attendance Team

This service provides advice and guidance to schools, families, and other professionals to improve school attendance and ensure compliance with relevant statutory duties and responsibilities relating to school attendance.

This team:

  • works with relevant partners to ensure appropriate support and action is undertaken to address irregular school attendance.
  • is responsible for issuing penalty notices for term time holidays and irregular school attendance.
  • undertakes the Local Authority statutory responsibility to prosecute parents for irregular school attendance.

Key Contact
County Attendance Team
01296 383954

Web link:

SchoolsWeb: County Attendance Team | SchoolsWeb (


Child Employment and Entertainment Team

Please contact the Child Employment and Entertainment Team for advice and guidance on child employment matters, issuing work permits and licences for children who participate in public performances. We also issue licenses to adults who chaperone child performers.

Key Contact
Moira Dealey
Child Employment and Entertainment Officer
01296 383512

SchoolsWeb: Children in Employment and Entertainment | SchoolsWeb (

Children Missing Education Team

The team:

  • works with schools to ensure all pupils/ students are tracked to reduce the risk of any child missing education.
  • collates data and tracks pupils who go missing from schools in the county, or who disappear from other local authorities and may arrive in Buckinghamshire.
  • contacts parents/carers to discuss and support with applications for a school placement.
  • consults with The County Attendance Team when parents are failing to provide an appropriate education for their child(ren); and
  • works closely with the Safeguarding Team to ensure any child missing education is kept safe.

Key Contact
Children Missing Education Team
Telephone: 01296 383 098 or 01296 382091

Web link:

Buckinghamshire Council: Refer a child not receiving a formal education to us | Buckinghamshire Council

Elective Home Education Team

This service provides advice and guidance to families, schools, and other professionals on Elective Home Education.

Services provided:

  • Advice and guidance to families, schools, and other professionals regarding all aspects of Elective Home Education.
  • Visits to families at home to support them in educating their children.
  • Consultation with the County Attendance Team when parents are failing to provide an appropriate education for their child(ren).
  • Close working with the other agencies to ensure any child educated at home is kept safe.
  • Keeping records of all children known to be home educated.

Key Contact
Clare Grosse

Elective Home Education Consultant
01296 382687

SchoolsWeb: Elective Home Education (EHE) | SchoolsWeb (

Exclusions and Reintegration Team

This statutory service provides advice and guidance to schools, governors, parents, and other professionals on managing exclusions with intervention in individual cases, and liaison with schools and other education providers in the case of young people who have no education placement. Its key aim is to support schools to seek alternatives to exclusion and ensure that permanent exclusion is always a last resort.

Services provided:

  • advice and guidance in response to telephone enquiries where schools wish to consult on exclusion policy and procedure.
  • advice and guidance by publishing a reference document for managing exclusions, in accordance with the latest guidance from the DfE (see SchoolsWeb link below).
  • contact by an Exclusions and Reintegration Officer to the family of permanently excluded pupils to explain parents’ and pupils’ rights and responsibilities in the exclusion process.
  • the attendance of a Local Authority (LA) officer at meetings of the Governors’ Discipline Committee convened to consider permanent exclusions and suspensions, (when requested by parents in the case of academies), and subject to availability.
  • The attendance of a Local Authority officer at meetings of the Independent Review Panel, convened to consider permanent exclusions.
  • Administration for the Authority’s Fair Access Board in respect of permanently excluded pupils, in accordance with the arrangements for the Admission of Vulnerable and Challenging Children.

Key Contact
Exclusions and Reintegration Team
01296 382835

Web link:

SchoolsWeb: Exclusions and Reintegration | SchoolsWeb (

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children and Education

The Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Education Officer (GRTEO) provides outreach support and interventions to targeted Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller (GRT) families, supports schools with pupil attendance concerns, and helps build relationships between schools and parents of GRT children. The GRTEO also offers support to colleagues where safeguarding concerns have been raised/identified by undertaking joint visits to Traveller sites and provides up to date advice and guidance to schools and other Buckinghamshire Council departments and agencies to help improve the outcomes for Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller (GRT) children.

Key Contact
Karen Ross

Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller Education Officer

01296 531356/ 07825 403300

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