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SACRE stands for Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education. Following the 1988 Education Act, when religious education was confirmed as a compulsory part of the curriculum, it became a statutory requirement for every Local Authority to appoint a SACRE. The SACRE can advise a Local Authority on matters connected with RE and collective worship in County schools. SACRE can also support free Schools and academies, and it is our hope that all schools in Buckinghamshire will adopt the local agreed syllabus to provide continuity, progression and cohesion to all pupils.

Our remit is to provide an RE syllabus that will reflect the local position regarding faith and non-faith groups in Buckinghamshire. Our agreed syllabus entitled Challenging RE is intended to suggest a subject that is demanding in its challenge in content and in the suggestions for delivery and the dynamic it hopes to foster in the classroom.

We seek to ensure that all pupils in Buckinghamshire schools develop spiritually, academically, emotionally and morally so that they are able to understand themselves and others, and cope with the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of living in a rapidly changing world. The Buckinghamshire SACRE passionately believes that each pupil should have the opportunity to learn about and have time to reflect upon ‘what it means to be human’ and in addition to have a time and space to reflect on their own religious or other identity, respect that of others and consider the importance of belief and practice in creating a better world in which to live, or the threat that these can also pose to human flourishing.

Our vision is for schools to be able to:

  • provide challenging learning through the RE Curriculum;
  • promote an inspirational and aspirational ethos through meaningful and engaging Collective Worship; and
  • contribute to community cohesion by engaging the whole school community in an exploration of identity and community in the local, national and global context.

Please visit our SchoolsWeb page for:

  • The Agreed Syllabus for Buckinghamshire 2022-2027
  • Links to our newsletter SACRED
  • Details of network meetings for subject leads
  • Guidance documents
  • SACRE Annual Reports

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Key Contacts
Rosalind Burch
School Improvement Adviser                                                           
07815 023944                                                                            

Bill Moore
RE Consultant

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