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SchoolsWeb is a valuable resource for all schools and is hosted and managed by Buckinghamshire Council. A wide range of services for schools has their dedicated areas where they regularly update model policies and provide helpful information, advice and guidance.

Accessing SchoolsWeb

Most schools currently have 3 logins: one for senior management, one for governors and one for all staff (for the HR Zone etc.). These give different levels of access to pupil progress data, financial information etc.

Some areas of SchoolsWeb ( can be accessed without logging in. Access to greyed-out areas will either require logging in with the senior management accounts or the purchase of a support package.

Login details are supplied to Headteachers who distribute them to school staff as necessary. Please ensure all staff are aware of the general login for SchoolsWeb.

Headteachers are required to request/authorise password resets and will be responsible to redistribute to staff members. These requests can be sent to

School Bulletin

A weekly bulletin of information for schools can be accessed via SchoolsWeb as above. Click ‘Bulletin’ at the top of any page (you will need to be logged in).  The School Bulletin is the key news resource from Buckinghamshire Council and partner organisations to inform you about various topics from changes in legislation to upcoming events, deadlines, and training/support opportunities.

Articles are released throughout the week, appearing on the front page as they are published. Each Monday in term time, a ‘Monday rollup’ is produced, which is a roll-up of all the articles published since the previous issue. An email is sent out each Monday morning in term time, detailing the articles from the previous week.

To subscribe to the Monday bulletin email, please contact

Key Contacts
For general queries and login queries please contact

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