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Specialist Teachers

The Cognition and Learning Specialist Teaching Team, part of Buckinghamshire Council’s Integrated SEND Service, is a traded service that specialises in supporting schools to meet the needs of their pupils with specific and general learning difficulties. This can also include students with:

  • dyslexia
  • dyscalculia
  • developmental coordination disorder
  • associated problems such as ADHD and language difficulties

The Cognition and Learning Specialist Teaching Team mainly work preventatively but are also available to advise schools on particular strategies and interventions for pupils with an Education, Health and Care Plan. The team work with SENDCos, class teachers, and teaching assistants, as well as directly with pupils in schools.

It's recognised that schools need access to early intervention and support, and the Specialist Teaching Team will work with schools to provide this early support. As part of their ‘tiered approach’ to supporting schools, Specialist Teachers will provide the early intervention, assessment, and advice for pupils on SEN Support and those with EHC plans.

Visit the Traded Services website or contact for further information.


Educational Psychologists

The Educational Psychology (EP) Team are part of Buckinghamshire Council’s Integrated SEND Service. Educational psychologists undertake a range of work aimed at promoting inclusion, psychological well-being and raising standards for children and young people aged 0 to 25 years, across the full range of abilities.

There are two main aspects of the EP Team’s offer that relate to support for children and young people with cognition and learning difficulties.

Link educational psychologist

Every school in Buckinghamshire has an allocated ‘link educational psychologist’, who provides at least termly consultation meetings with the school’s SENDCo. These consultations could be used to discuss concerns and questions regarding supporting pupils with learning difficulties.

Request for advice

The EP Team are able to offer a small amount of time for the purposes of early intervention and support to schools. In this 'Request for Advice' model, schools, parents/carers or professionals can make a request for input from the EP Team regarding a specific concern.

Requests are submitted electronically using the Request for EP Advice form and are triaged on a half-termly basis. If a request is accepted then advice by the EP Team may be offered in the form of consultation, attendance at multi-agency meetings, training and (in rare cases) direct work with children, young people and families.

Advice may be offered by an Educational Psychologist, Trainee Educational Psychologist or Assistant Psychologist (or a combination of these) depending on the nature of the involvement required and the wider service exigencies.

For more information or to submit a Request for EP Advice form, please email

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